Social distancing. Shelter In Place. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it has had its effects on us all. The upheaval in our lives and our schedules has been felt worldwide by people, but also, your pets are feeling it too. They long for the outdoors as well. Running or trotting through the park, swimming, chasing their favorite ball in the yard. They need their exercise just as much as we do. So, is there a way to help your pet cope with the lack of outside entertainment during these uncertain times? Yes, there is! Having the right toys, treats, and quality time together will make their life and yours as normal as possible while staying at home. 

If you find yourself now working from home with a dog or cat by your keyboard and they have inadvertently become your company’s new mascot during your mandatory Zoom call meetings, you are not alone. It can be difficult to keep them quietly occupied during the day. Setting them up in a different room with a special treat toy is sure to buy you some alone time while finishing up your call or to meet your deadline. They can be a great mental challenge for them which also offers a tasty reward. 

If you have a more active pet and live in an apartment, don’t have a big enough yard, or can’t find a park to go to for an endless round of fetch, you may need to find a way to bring the game safely indoors. Buy some soft toys for dogs that can make the game a little safer to engage in while indoors. Your dog will enjoy the time with you and the ability to run off all that energy they have stored up. Of course, a good leash walk is always a great option too. 

While the country is beginning to slowly open up again, you and your pet can find ways to enjoy the safety of your home and still get the activity you both need to stay happy and healthy. Our office has now returned to normal hours while still adhering to strict health and safety standards for cleaning, sanitizing as well as practicing social distancing during appointments. If you are ready to schedule an appointment for your pet, give our Ellicott City, MD office a call today at 410-465-6218.