We have heard more and more over the past few years that dog food ingredients are important, and it’s important to know exactly what’s in our dogs’ food. For years prior, we didn’t always pay the best attention. Now, though, transparency is crucial when it comes to choosing a pet food brand that’s actually good for our pets. We are demanded transparency on the labels of our dog’s food as if it were food for us. We want to take the best care of our furry friends.
One ingredient you absolutely do not want to find on your dog’s food ingredient list is Ethoxyquin. This preservative has been found in most dog foods – brand name and not. This product was originally developed to be an herbicide. As awareness of our dog’s nutrition rose, vets found that ethoxyquin can often be linked to the development of kidney and liver damage, cancers of the liver, spleen, stomach, and skin, immune deficiency syndrome, blindness, and even leukemia. This dangerous ingredient is a preservative that is incredible common, but hopefully, as awareness grows, we will find it completely out of all pet foods. Remember to check your dog’s food label carefully. The first five ingredients of your dog’s food (if there is more than five) should always have some sort of protein for their active lifestyles, and should never contain something you’ve never even heard of. Check our blog often to see some of the other dangerous ingredients that you never want to find on your pet’s food label.
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