If you’re feeling uncomfortable, stressed, sad, angry, or just unpleasant in general, one of the things you may do is pamper yourself. It may be as simple as taking a shower, or it could be getting a facial, manicure, or massage. These things will almost always help cheer us up and get us feeling better and healthier. It’s the same for our pets! They need to be properly groomed and pampered in order to feel healthy and happy.

One of the ways to keep your pet healthy is by bathing him or her. Sometimes, it’s easy to give our animals baths outside in the yard or inside in the bathtub. However if you have trouble doing that or simply don’t have the time, have your pet professionally bathed. Bath-time is important for our pets, and can help them calm down. If you have an especially active and outdoorsy animal, it’s important to get your pet bathed more often to prevent problems like clogged pores and to remove dirt.

Professional groomers will also be able to spot any issues that your pet may be having that you haven’t noticed. Issues like lumps, bumps, or hair problems can be spotted easily by a professional. We can also check for things like ticks and fleas, and use shampoos that will help prevent against these issues.

Bathing is just one way to help groom your pet. It’s important to have nails clipped and to just check for overall health. If you want to schedule an appointment for your pet to be bathed and groomed, you can call our office at 410-465-6218.