With the advancements in today’s medical technology, both humans and animals alike are being saved by medicine that was not available years ago. The ability to cure diseases, early diagnose and effective treatments are saving lives and giving people and animals more time on this great earth. But, this can only occur if you actually make it to your annual check-up. The same is to be said for your pets. There are cutting-edge medicines and diagnostic tools that can help prolong our pet’s lives, but if we do not take them in until it is too late, all the advancements do not make a difference.

Since 2001 there has been a 21% decrease in the number of dogs being seen by the veterinarian and an almost 30% decrease in cats. Why is this happening?

Cost: When our pets are sick, we take them into the veterinarian to see what can be done to save our precious pets, but when they appear healthy to us, and there are so many other financial burdens on today’s families, it is hard to reason spending money on a healthy animal. Even if it means saving money in the long run by preventing diseases or conditions.

Online Information: Most pet owners will consult the internet to look up symptoms of their pet before actually calling to schedule an appointment. Although the internet has its benefits, it does not apply in this case. Websites may have information, but they can not check YOUR pet’s specific symptoms and what you may read online can vary greatly for the actual condition your pet is experiencing.

Price: Many pet owners feel the cost is just too high for their pets care, even stating that some veterinarians may push unnecessary vaccines or tests to make more money. Pet insurance is now making these routine visits and vaccines more affordable and will even help with the costs of more extensive treatments and diagnosis.

Resistance: Another reason is that pets just don’t like to go to the vet and their owners do not want to upset them by taking them in if they aren’t sick. Unfortunately, our pets age faster than we do so skipping even one annual exam is the same as a human skipping 5 years of annual exams. A lot can happen in that time frame. It is important to keep up with their visits, even if they don’t like it.

We understand the reluctance to bring your pet in every year but it is truly the best way to give your pet the best chance at a long and happy life. Just like food, water, and love, they need to be seen annually by a veterinarian. To schedule your pets annual wellness exam in Ellicott City, MD, give us a call today at 410-465-6218.