Microchipping your dog can be a great way to make sure that if he were to ever go missing, he would be found. The sad truth is that only 22% of non-microchipped dogs were found and returned to their owners. That’s only one in five pets that will return home, simply because they weren’t microchipped.

Microchips are a one-time cost. They are small cylinders injected into the dog, and are only about the size of a grain of rice. It contains a radio transmitter and a minute electronic device containing the animal’s ID number.

We recommend this practice to anyone who is looking to adopt a pet, as it is a great way to make sure your dog is returned safely home in case he goes missing, and doesn’t become just another statistic of stray dogs. However, with every modern technological advance, there are concerns. There were cases of frequency problems, where two different frequencies would be interrupted and the dog wasn’t able to return home. There have been advances in this problem, such as the universal frequency. This allows for a pet whose microchip is at any of the frequencies there were problems with to be found with the universal scanner.

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