If you read our blog post a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned a couple of recipes to make your own home-made treats for your dog or cat. At the end of the post, I mentioned the “Two Ingredients Treat” which was made with baby food. I actually came up with a different idea, and it’s only one ingredient – just a jar of baby food!

I had a jar of baby food (the biggest jar – I think they’re Stage 2 or Stage 3) and it was chicken, rice and peas. The baby-food jar was already in my cabinet, because like I said, my dog is obsessed with baby food. As a special treat she gets some of it mixed in with her dry food.

Then I took an empty ice-cube tray and poured it in like I would do if I was making ice-cubes (I believe I filled 6 cubes with the amount of food I had). Make sure not to go over the edge with the food, then put it in the freezer. Once frozen completely, they are very easy to pop right out of the tray.

Bring your dog outside to eat it because it gets messy. My dog loves that ice-cream you get at the store, but you only get four cups and it’s close to $6 for it. I don’t even spend that much on my own ice-cream! So, the frozen baby food is a very cheap and easy alternative to that, and your pup will really enjoy it to cool down on a hot, summer day!

There are so many more options with using the baby food; peas, carrots, green beans are some of my dog’s favorite vegetables. And the larger baby-food jars usually have a couple of different ingredients; usually a meat with two vegetables.