As the weather warms, your pet is likely itching to get outside. However, springtime can prove hazardous for pets if you aren’t careful.

With Easter around the corner, you need to take precaution.

Keep lilies and candy out of reach for pets. Chocolates are toxic to cats and dogs, and all true lilies can be fatal if ingested by cats. And be mindful, kitties love to nibble on colorful plastic grass, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting and dehydration. Moreover, while live bunnies, chicks and other festive animals are adorable, resist the urge to buy them—these cute babies grow up fast and often require specialized care!

If you like to keep windows open to let in fresh air, get them screened. Cats and other animals might accidentally fall out the window, so keep them safe.

Buckle up! If your dog loves sticking your head out the window of the car, you need to make sure they are belted in with a special harness. You can also keep them in a crate to ensure their safety while traveling.

Spring time is also fun! You can go on long walks with your dog, and they might love rolling in the mud (just make sure you give them a bath).