It may be hard to believe that spring will soon be here. Time to wash away the germs of winter and welcome spring with a clean house. Many pet owners may overlook some important areas that need deeper cleaning due to pet dirt, hair, and saliva. Here are a few tips to get your home and your pet off to a healthy start for spring!

 As the weather begins to warm up, pet owners know this means that their pets will soon begin to shed. Their fur can collect in every corner of your home, under furniture as well as on furniture and even your clothing. Having a lint roller is handy for your clothes but you will need something stronger for your home. Brooms and vacuums can only go so far. Investing in a good brush can help reduce the amount of shedding, but it will of course not completely eliminate it.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your carpet and floors from pet traffic. Muddy paw prints or potty accidents can leave your carpets stained and smelling not so fresh. For fresh urine, quickly soak up with a clean paper towel or rag as much of the urine as possible before applying any cleaning products. After drying up as much as you can, apply your preferred stain remover and then let it sit for a minimum of 5 minutes and then wipe clean. For stubborn stains or older stains, you may need to use a vacuum or carpet cleaner to deep clean the area.  

One thing many pet owners overlook is cleaning their pet’s toys and bowls. To keep your pet, and your home, clean and healthy, you will want to wash these often so avoid the build-up of bacteria from your pet’s saliva. 

Hard plastic and rubber toys can usually be washed in your dishwasher on the top rack with an all-natural cleaner and then set them out to air dry. Some people prefer to hand wash, which is just as effective if done properly. Fill your sink (or bucket) with equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Let them soak to loosen up debris and kill bacteria. Gently scrub the surfaces with a bristle brush, rinse and then set out to dry. 

Keeping your home clean and free of dirt, hair, and bacteria will help keep your whole family safe. Having a pet is a wonderful part of life but does require more routine care and cleaning. If you have any questions about which cleaning products are safe to use in your home around your pets or any other veterinary health concerns in Ellicott City, MD, feel free to call us at 410-465-6218.