If you are a pet owner, one of the biggest concerns you probably have is of your pet getting out of the house and getting lost. Even with a collar on, they may not be able to find their way home quickly. If the tags information is outdated, or if their collar comes off, they will have no identification to get them home. This is where a microchip can be very helpful. Let us explain why we think you should consider microchipping your pets. 

First off, you may be wondering what exactly a microchip is? It is a very small electronic “chip” which can be programmed with your contact information to help others identify your pet in the event they are lost.  Your veterinarian will quickly implant the microchip right under the skin of your pet. It is virtually painless, similar to that of getting a vaccination, so it requires no anesthesia. This chip will remain in your pet their entire life so you will not need to have it replaced. If you ever move, just contact the manufacturer to update your contact information. 

Once the chip is implanted, you will receive your pet’s unique registration number for the company who manufactures and maintains the database for your pet’s chip. Most veterinary offices and animal shelters are equipped with a scanner that will scan your pet’s microchip and display your contact information, getting your pet home quicker! One study showed that microchipped dogs were returned 52.2% of the time as opposed to 21.9% of dogs which were not microchipped. For cats who have been microchipped, a staggering 38.5% are returned compared to 1.8% of those who are not. 

Though microchipping is a fantastic way to help get your pet get home, always ensure they are wearing a collar with tags. 

Contact your Ellicott City, MD veterinarian today for more information or to schedule your pet’s appointment to get microchipped today!