Our in-house, fully-stocked pharmacy provides your pet with the care they need from a trustworthy source. Instead of relying on online pharmacies and mail-order options, the pharmacy at Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital provides customized assistance to help keep your pet safe, while keeping costs low.

We have a large inventory of veterinarian medication items and prescription drugs, such as flea, tick, and heartworm prophylactic items. We can help your pet with anything from drugs for a serious medical condition to short-term treatments for health problems, injuries, or surgical treatment. We only receive medication from trustworthy companies, and will always provide thorough information on what we are recommending for your pet. Our educated staff is prepared to provide proper dosing information, as well as any potential drug side effects or interactions.

If you experience any issues with the medications, give us a call and we will take care of you immediately. When you work with our in-house pharmacy, you can trust that professional veterinary professional is nearby to provide the best care.

For the the best value, convenience, and support services, use our pharmacy for your next pet prescription or medication refill. Our in-house pharmacy is prepared for whatever your pet may need.