Did you know January 14th is “National Dress Up Your Pet Day?” Nowadays, no matter where you go, stores are selling clothing for dogs. And it’s not just outside wear, like jackets, but they also have a wide variety of sweaters and different costumes. These sweaters and costumes are not just for smaller dogs either, they make the sweaters for larger dogs, too.

We compiled a list of websites that sell very unique pet outfits for your furry friend.

Funny Fur – they sell athletic type clothes, costumes, dresses, formal wear, hoodies/sweats, jackets, pajamas and more. If you’re a football fanatic, they are NFL licensed and sell NFL Game Day Gear for your pet with your favorite team.

Zazzle – It looks like they only sell shirts for your furry friend. But what makes them unique is that you can customize the shirt, such as “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” shirts.

Gramercy Pet – This company sells a lot of formal wear for your pet. They sell wedding dresses, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses and even quite a few different Kimonos for your furry friend.

Nip And Bones – While it does sell dog clothing, it also has a special section just for cats. They sell cat dresses, hoodies, coats, t-shirts and pajamas.

If your furry friend simply hates wearing clothing, you can celebrate “National Dress Up Your Pet Day” by getting a fun collar. All of the websites listed above have specialty collars and leashes, too. You can always go to Amazon, eBay, and any of those types of websites, we just wanted to focus on ones that had unique things for your furry friend.