This Halloween, if you have pets, make sure they and everyone around them is safe. Pets can get nervous and over-excited with all the activity of children going around trick-or-treating. They can end up running out of your sight and dangerous things can ensue. Dogs aren’t very good at looking both ways when crossing the street – they can end up being hit by a car or even causing an accident. They also can surprise you – even if your dog is normally mild-mannered, they can get scared and end up biting or attacking someone. It’s incredibly important to make sure your dog is leashed and in direct supervision this Halloween. There’s a lot going on so it’s crucial that you keep a seriously close eye on your dog.

Also remember to keep your pet away from any of the treats that are given out at Halloween. For the most part, these treats are all candy. Whether it’s chocolate or any other type of candy, no amount is safe for your dog. If you really want to give your dog a special treat this Halloween, consider a new chew toy or a dental bone – these are both fun for your dog and healthy and safe.

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