Storm can hit at any time, and there’s always a chance your power will go out. You’re probably prepared with flashlights and candles and canned food, but are your pets ready? Make sure to follow these tips to ensure your pet’s safety during a power outage.


Make sure they have a tag with the correct information plus a microchip incase they lose their collar. The easiest way for someone to return a pet to you is via the information contained on the tags.


Keep your pet warm or cool

Dogs are sensitive to temperature just like humans. Do you best to keep their body temperature regulated, either moving them where it’s warm during the winter, or keeping them cool during the summer. In the event of more extreme temperature changes, it may be wise to board your animal at a veterinarian’s office or boarding facility until power is restored.


Stock up on food

Before the storm hits, make sure you buy dog or cat food while you’re stockpiling for yourself! Make sure the food is kept in an air-tight container, in a dry place so bugs or rodents can’t get into it.


Power outages can be scary, but don’t make them scary for your pet!