Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Bringing a new pet into the home is an exciting time for the whole family. They bring love into a home and their own personalities will soon bring laughter as well. There are a few items you may want to consider purchasing before, or just shortly after, bringing your new feline companion home. Here is a quick reference list for you as you make the journey through your local pet store. 

#1: A secure pet carrier:

This is very important, especially for cats, whenever you need to take them with you, whether it is on vacation, to boarding or to the veterinarian for their vaccinations and checkups. Carriers keep your pet safe and provide them with a sense of security. Make sure your carrier has proper ventilation and enough space for your eventual adult cat to move around comfortably. Include their favorite blanket at the bottom of the carrier to keep them from slipping around and to aid in security. 

#2: A litter box:

This is something you do NOT want to forget. They need a place to “go” if you are keeping them indoors (which is, of course, the safest place, especially for kittens). To avoid accidents or messes in your home, make sure you keep the litter box clean. Remove soiled areas as soon as possible so your cat will continue to use their litter box and not your carpet. Discuss with your veterinarian the best ways to teach your new kitten how to use their litter box. 

#3: Food/water bowls:

Kittens can be very excited and are armed with boundless amounts of energy. So, look for food and water dishes that are sturdy and can withstand bumps and knocks. Cats need access to water on a constant basis because they can become dehydrated quickly. You may want to consider a constant flow water fountain. Cats will usually prefer this over a bowl of water. Stainless steel food bowls are ideal since some cats can be allergic to plastic. 

#4: Don’t forget the collar!

Cats do not usually appreciate a collar, at first, but they should have one on at all times with their identification tag as well as their tag for their microchip, in the event they do sneak out of the home. This will help to ensure a timely return to you. 

#5: Beds, Hideouts, and Toys

Kittens/Cats LOVE to explore and are naturally curious. Having toys available for them to play with and safe places to explore will help to keep them entertained. Choose toys that can not be torn apart or ones that can splinter as these can potentially hurt your curious kitty. Feather teasers, laser pointers, balls with bells or rattles, scratching posts, and catnip toys will offer ample entertainment. Do not allow your cat to play with balls of yarn as these can become choking hazards for them. Of course, your cat’s favorite toy will be you and your family so make sure you take the time each day to play with them and give them plenty of affection. 

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