Statistics show that almost half of all domestic dogs in America are overweight. This can be a major health risk for our canine friends. However, it seems that most overweight-dog owners are in denial about their pet being overweight, which is an even bigger risk. There are two common tests to see if your dog is carrying too much weight.

One test is to run your hand over your dog’s ribcage. You should be able to count his or her ribs as you feel. If you can’t count his ribs, your dog is most likely carrying too much weight. The other test is to see if he has a waist. What we mean by that is to see if the side of his body tucks in a little bit. If there is a place where his body gets a little narrower, it’s a waist. If it is just the same thickness all the way, he might be overweight.

Carrying too much weight could just mean that your dog definitely likes to eat and isn’t active, but it can also be a serious health risk. Just like in humans, obesity can lead to other destructive diseases. Have your dog checked out regularly to make sure they have optimum health.

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