Some people believe that dogs can naturally swim, however, that is not the case. They will tread water if they enter the water, or fall in, hence the term “dog paddling”, but they do not actually know how to swim. So it is just as important to protect your pets from water dangers this summer as you would any other family member. We have gathered a few tips here to help you protect your dog.

How to prevent your dog from drowning:

  • Not all dogs are suited for a dip in the water. Short-snouted dog breeds like Pugs, Boston Terriers or English Bulldogs, are best to keep out of the water. While dogs such as the Labrador Retriever, Labradoodle, and Golden Retriever are well suited for water play.
  • Dogs should never be pushed, thrown or left alone in or around water. Installing a fence around your pool will protect your pet and your children from accidental drowning.
  • Take the time to train your dog on how to safely enter and exit your pool by using the stairs. That way they will know how to get out in the event they accidentally fall in.
  • If you have a dog that LOVES to be in the water, make sure your pet comes out occasionally for a break. Overexertion could lead to drowning.
  • Purchase a life vest for your dog if you spend time on a boat. Ask your veterinarian or local pet supply store for information on Dog CPR classes.

Water Health Tips:

  • NEVER let your dog drink water from a pool, lake, beach or other bodies of water. Many of these can house chemicals, parasites, and other harmful things you do not want your dog to ingest. To keep your pet hydrated, bring a bottle of fresh drinking water for your pet as well.
  • After every swim or water event, make sure to give your dog a bath to remove salt water, chemicals, and parasites that may remain on your dog. Also, make sure to dry their ears to prevent infection.

It is always great to include your pet in the fun of water play during the spring and summer months. Following these tips will help keep your pet safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to learn about vaccines that will help protect your dog from waterborne parasites, give us a call today at 410-465-6218 to schedule your Immunization and wellness care visit with the “Best Vet In Howard County”.