Are you tired of watching your dog destroy a $10 dog toy in just an afternoon? Maybe its time to try making your own toys, with this DIY indestructible dog toy! It’s simple, quick to make, and your dog will love it! And if your dog does manage to rip it apart, you can always make them a new one! Here’s how to make a DIY dog toy.


All you need are:

-Sewing machine
-Fabric – Fleece is recommended, plus it comes a wide variety of fun colors and patterns.


Optional: Squeaker


*This design is for a square shape I the middle with four half-circles around it, but you can really make it in any shape you want!


  1. Cut the fleece into 8 macaroni-shaped pieces
  2. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the edges together, leaving the ends free to turn it inside out. Sew over it again for a double stitch.
  3. Use a single stitch over the entire piece for a quilting technique for added strength.
  4. Cut four square shapes out of another color of fleece.
  5. Stitch two square pieces together, quilt style, so they are firmly attached. You can sew this in any pattern. Do this twice, so you have two squares made of two pieces of fleece.
  6. Sew the half circle shapes onto the sides of the square
  7. Sew three sides of the other square piece onto the square with the circles attached.
  8. Use scrabs to stuff the toy, adding a squeaker if desired.
  9. Sew up the remaining side.
  10. Play time!

Hopefully your dog loves his new custom-made DIY dog toy!