Crate-Train You Pet
Make sure your pet is comfortable in their carrier ,and train them to love it. You want them to know it doesn’t always take them to a scary place. Make it a place where good things happen by feeding your pet in the carrier sometimes.

Familiarize them with the vet office
Take a few trips to the office just as a visit, without getting shots or being treated by a vet. This will help your pet see that it is not scary. They can get used to the smells and sites, so when it’s time for a real visit, they won’t be stressed.

Bring your pet in the car
If your pet only goes in the car to go in the vet, they might associate it with a scary situation. Take your pet in the car for other reasons so they see it as a normal thing.

Go on a quiet day
Ask your vet if there is a less buys day of the week or time, and take your pet during those times if possible. The wait will be shorter, and fewer animals will be around.

Train your pet to be handled.
Get your pet used to people handling him while he is young. Practice handling exercises with your puppy by picking up his ears and looking in, picking up his paws and handling his toes and nails. It’s also a good idea to touch him around his legs, chest and tummy. Every time you poke him in a new place, give him a treat. Do this daily with a puppy, so he is ready for handling by a veterinary professional. The same techniques work well for cats who are not used to being handled.