Halloween is a wonderful and exciting time of year. Cooler weather, fun decorations, cute trick or treaters, but it also brings some dangers for your pet. Every year we hear on the news or see pets come in to our Ellicott City, MD veterinary practice that have gotten into mischief this time of year. Here is what you can do to avoid these with your pets.

Halloween Candy
Chocolate is life threatening to your dog anytime of year, but with candy in more abundance during Halloween, pets are finding it just as irresistible as us humans! If you suspect your furry friend has gotten into the pot o’ chocolate, here are some signs to look for:

Hyper activity
Over excited

If you notice any of these signs, you should call our office right away. Knowing approximately how much and what type of chocolate your dog has consumed will help us treat your dog more effectively. Dark chocolate is the most concerning, but other types of candy can be dangerous too like lollipops as well as any candy wrappers, these can cause choking. Keeping your candy up high and away from your dog is the safest bet.

Trick or Treaters
Trick or Treaters can be one of the biggest joys of Halloween. Seeing all the neighborhood kids come by in their costumes, but it isn’t always as enjoyable for your pet. Your pet may be frightened from the costumes, stressed from the constant noise and action, and there is an increased chance of them darting out of the house. Making sure they have a secure and comfortable space to spend the evening will ensure they do not escape and you can enjoy those little ones ringing your bell. If you do not already have a collar, tag or microchip, now would be a great time to get one, just in case!

We hope your family and pets have a safe and happy Halloween! Give us a call at (410) 465-6218 to schedule your appointment to get your pet microchipped today!