If you want to go on vacation but are worried about your little fur baby, you don’t need to worry after checking out these great tips on what to do to ensure your pet is safe while you are away.

How Long Can They Hold “it”?

The main concern with leaving a dog home alone is their ability to go potty. Usually, most dogs will need to use the restroom around 3 to 5 times a day, while a senior dog or a puppy will need to use the restroom more often. 

Here are a couple of tips on how to tell how long your dog can last:

  • Puppies should not be left home alone unless they are crated or secured in a puppy-proofed room since they can get into too many hazards being so curious and exploring all of the time. At this age, they should not be left for longer than 1 hour per month of age. 
  • Adult dogs age 1 year and up can be left alone up to 8 hours, however it is better to limit it to 5 or 6 hours.
  • Senior dogs age 8 and up can be left alone anywhere from two to six hours, depending on their health. 

If you have a doggie door this won’t be as much of an issue since they will be able to go outside as needed.

Activity Helps

In addition to potty breaks, dogs need exercise. Whether your dog is a little puppy full of energy or a sweet old family dog, they need exercise nonetheless. Exercising your dogs helps them to:

  • Digest meals
  • Stay healthy
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Reduce boredom 
  • Decrease destructive behaviors

Active and healthy dogs will need close to 60 minutes of activity every day and it does not need to be constant, it can be a little bit every so often throughout the day. If you are planning on leaving your dog home alone, you should go out with your dog for a little bit to tire them out before you leave. This will help make their time alone at home a little more enjoyable and comfortable.

So, how long can I leave my dog home alone?

All animals are different, some can handle being alone for longer than others. However, every dog needs potty breaks, exercise, and of course, food and water. If your schedule is going to keep you out of the house longer than a day, it is a good idea to book a house sitter to take care of your dog’s needs or board them at a boarding facility. Most boarding places or pet sitters will require your dog to be current on vaccines. Call us today at 410-465-6218 to schedule your pet’s routine exam and vaccinations!