Are you thinking about adopting a cat? Don’t make these common mistakes!

1.Overlooking the needs of your current pet

Give some thought to how your current cat might react to a new cat. If in the past, he’s shown aggression or fear around other kitties, you could be setting the stage for a problem.


2.Impulse adoptions

Your heart may be in the right place, but unless you’re prepared to invest the time, effort and money necessary to properly care for a cat for her lifetime, things can quickly sour.


3. Ignoring adoptable adult or senior cats

Shelters have lots of wonderful mature cats waiting for homes, and there are far fewer surprises when you adopt an adult. For example, you already know how big he’ll get, and the color and length of his coat.


4. Avoiding black cats

Sadly, black pets are among the most overlooked in shelters. Hopefully, you don’t still (or never did) believe the silly myth that black cats bring bad luck, because it’s utter nonsense!


5.Not thinking long-term

These days, it’s not unusual for a well cared-for cat to live into her late teens or early 20s, so adoption means taking on a multi-year commitment. It’s important to be reasonably sure your lifestyle will be as pet-friendly in five, 10 or 20 years as it is today.