You may think that a lot of pet food brands are the same. When it comes to dog and cat food, it’s easy to just look for bargains and give it to your pet. However, a healthy diet requires more effort and research than this. You really have to know what you’re feeding your pet.

There are over 15,000 brands of pet foods on the market. There are over eight million tons of pet food made every year. Pet food is made on a mass scale, so sometimes, standards are low. Certain pet foods, brands, and even just ingredients have been linked to anything from causing diarrhea to major illnesses and diseases. Dry pet foods contain only 50% meat. If you’re wondering why, the dark truth is that if they put any more than that, it will gum up their machines. Corn’s Vitamin E levels, depending on the soil, fertilizers, pesticides, and other elements, can vary up to 100% from brand to brand. Cats eating from cans with pop-top lids develop hyperthyroid disease more often than cats not eating from this type of can. This is because of a material in the lining of the can which over stimulates the cat’s thyroid.

All of this sounds scary, but it’s just important to remember to look at the label of your food. Find a food that your pet loves and thrives on, and check with your vet. Do your research. And oftentimes, the pet food brand you like may have coupons on their website. Taking the best care of our pets as possible is incredibly important.


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