There are a lot of similarities between dog health and human health. In fact, we’ve been living side-by-side with our favorite canine friends for over 15,000 years.

Dogs get canine versions of our adult diseases. About 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year. Dogs even get some of the rare diseases that humans get, like the rare, brain-wasting neuronal ceroid lipofuscinous. The fact that dogs and humans alike get the same or similar diseases actually makes it easier for doctors and scientists. Studies can be done a lot easier on pets than on humans, making it easy for them to come up with cures to treat our furry friends.

Did you know that if you have cancer, diabetes, or epilepsy, your dog might be the first to know? Dogs can be trained to sniff out cancers of the lungs, breast, skin, bladder and prostate. This is being put to good use. There are service animals for people specifically with diabetes. Dogs will know by their noses that a person with diabetes has a spike or drop in their blood sugar levels. They can detect the scent of these fluctuations and alert their owners before it’s too late.

These advances in dog health are making human health better.


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