February is Dog Dental Awareness Month. As you may know, dental care is important because it is the gateway to health for the rest of the body. Poor dental condition can lead to poor health overall, and increase the risk of problems like heart disease or organ problems. This applies to dogs, too.

This February, and every day of the year, make sure your dog is in optimal dental health. Here are just some tips to consider:

  • If your dog’s breath is especially offensive, it may be not normal.
  • Examine your dog’s gums by lifting his lips once a week. The gums should be pink and not swollen.
  • Get a doggy toothbrush and ask about doggy toothpaste.
  • Make sure your dog has a safe chew toy. Gnawing massages gums and can help teeth sta clean. They also reduce your dog’s stress level.
  • Learn more about special dry food that can slow the formation of plaque and tartar. Don’t feed your dog table scraps, or at least minimize this. Canine teeth are meant for a different diet than human teeth.
  • Learn about common dental issues associated with dogs and the signs and symptoms that go with them.

If your pet is in need of care, Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital is more than happy to help. You can call our office at 410-465-6218.