Did you know that your cat can get asthma? It’s called ‘Feline Asthma’ and it is very much like the asthma that humans can get. If you notice any of these signs, we recommend bringing your cat in for a check-up:

  • Coughing/hacking – a lot of times cats experience this because of “hairballs” – but this is not what we are referring to here. Having a hairball once in a while is common in cats, but constant coughing and hacking should definitely be checked out.
  • Rapid or Shallow breathing – this is definitely never a good thing. If you notice this, we recommend calling your vet.
  • Open-mouth breathing – as a cat owner myself, my cat always breathes through her nose, and I do as well. Usually the only time I breath through my mouth is when I’m sick, my nose is stuffy, etc. I would definitely find it strange to see a cat breathing through their mouth, and would recommend calling my vet if I noticed this.
  • Runny eyes – if you notice any sort of discharge coming from your cat’s eyes, call your vet; whether it’s clear or colored discharge.

Asthma and allergies sometimes can get confused because of the symptoms. That is why we definitely recommend if you suspect that your cat is suffering from asthma, you should call your vet right away. Your vet can perform very simple tests to see if your cat has asthma, such as a fecal exam or an x-ray. Just like with human asthma, feline asthma can not be “cured.” However, it can be treated with medication. Or it can be as simple as determining what is causing the asthma if it is a sudden onset; possibly a change in your litter or food brand has caused it.