When it comes to our dogs, we know two things: we love them and they love us. Dogs are our best friends, after all. Is it possible, though, that dogs can recognize pictures of their owners and select them out of a lineup consisting of familiar faces and strangers?

Science is currently working on a study that will decide if it’s true that dogs can look at photos of their owner and other people and know who their owner is based on a familiar face. According to the study, dogs learn facial cues from their masters. They can tell whether a dog finds a facial cue familiar with eye movement tracking. The dogs were mostly fixated on the faces of familiar individuals as opposed to the pictures of the strangers.

Scientists are conducting this survey on pets and kennel dogs. Pet dogs found familiar faces more attractive than kennel dogs do, their survey concludes.

While science is still working on this study, I think we know that our pets can pick us out of a line-up as compared with strangers. However it’s nice to know that there’s an actual science behind our canine friends’ devotion.

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