You are well aware of how much water and fluids your body needs to maintain a state of hydration. However, some people overlook how much water their cats need. Cats are generally indoors all day, probably napping often and lounging. But they get thirsty, too, and they might not be getting enough water that they need, especially in the summer.

Dehydration in cats, as well as in humans or other animals, is caused by fluid levels dropping to less than normal due to either reduced water intake or increased fluid loss. Your cat can experience dehydration after overheating in hot weather, increased activity, or after a bout of vomiting or diarrhea. Cats may not drink fluids until they have lost as much as eight percent of their body’s stores. Since they wait until the last minute, many cat owners think their cat isn’t sensitive to water loss because they rarely see their cat drinking water.

The best way to avoid cat dehydration is to simply make sure your cat has access to fresh water at all times. They will take drinks as needed, but only if it’s available to them. Keep an eye on your cat’s hydration levels this summer, as the temperatures are climbing higher every day.


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