Many times, it’s hard to get our cats to eat. They may be reluctant to eat for many reasons. They simply might not like the food they are being served. Maybe they are having sensitivity issues or are feeling ill. Whatever the reason, it’s best to figure it out and get it taken care of right away.

One way you can solve it is by changing their food. It’s a common solution many people find to just have dry food on the ready for you cat to chow down at any time. By doing this, it is allowing the cat to snack and never really eat a full meal. You’re not evoking their hunger reflexes, and they might simply get bored with eating.

You can alleviate this issue by getting rid of the dry food all together. Try giving your cat a quality canned food and only at meal times. They will start associating meal time with food and will end up eating a proper meal. Then, you can start including whatever other nutritional foods you would like to add into their diet, such as raw foods. You will find that your cat is happier and more energetic and less likely to want to snack and munch on food all day.


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