If your cat is getting older, they need a different type of care than when they were a kitten.

It’s more common for older cats to have matted fur because it is more difficult for them to groom themselves. Gently work through your cat’s hair with your fingers, special wide tooth combs, or brushes. You might need to take them to the veterinarian for grooming if the matts are extensive.

Monitor for signs of fleas and other parasites like tapeworms that can look like living rice in your cats stool or around the anal area. Older cats that are debilitated are much more susceptible to these parasites and there are safe treatments for them.

Older cats tend to need nail trims and are prone to having thick nails that can grow all the way around into the toes causing pain and infection. We advise you ask us at the veterinary hospital to take care of it so you don’t get scratched.

Dental care is also important. if your cat isn’t used to getting their teeth brushed, take them to the vet every 6 months so that special attention can be taken to their dental health.