When it comes time to bring a new pet into the family, many people want to get a puppy or kitten. This cute animals can be lots of fun, but also more work. Have you considered adopting a senior pet? These older animals are often the last to be adopted from shelters, but they are no less loving and cuddly than younger pets.
A senior pet can come with many advantages, including being house-trained, used to general home activity, accustomed to living with other pets, and less in need of constant supervision.
Adult animals also have well-formed personalities, unlike puppies and kittens, whose personalities may change as they grow up. At the same time, senior pets are amazingly adaptive and can continue to learn new skills. They may also already have their shots updated and have a microchip that you would only need to update for your address.
If you have specific needs for your family, such as wanting a dog that does not shed, or one that is calm around other dogs, it will be easier to know if the pet is right if they are older. Visit your local animal shelter or humane society and consider an older pet to welcome into your family! And once you do, bring them to our veterinarian office for a check up.