Do you bring your dog to work? It can have a lot of benefits for both you and your pup!

Exercise – by having a pet in the office, you’re more likely to go outside to either walk it, or just let it out every now and again. Incorporate the daily walk into the lunch hour and you’re getting a well needed break and stretch of the legs, which is crucial to those who sit at a desk all day.
Wellbeing – gain positive benefits for personal wellbeing, with the presence of a dog at work! Many scientific studies have shown that the presence of a pet can significantly reduce an individual’s stress levels and boost morale.
Productivity – studies have concluded that increased job satisfaction, collaboration and co-operation have improved since introducing pet-presence. There has been a clear increase in the amount of offices allowing pets over the past few years – which is undoubtedly a nod to all its advantages.
Light relief – pets often remind us not to take life too seriously. By having some furry friends in the office, we are given some comic relief, during tense moments and deadlines that appear to be the end of the world. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t take our work seriously – it’s just all about balance.