The transition back to school can be as tough on pets as it is for families!

“Dogs might get less exercise or attention because the kids aren’t around to play with them or take them for an extra walk,” said Victoria Wells, an animal behaviorist for the ASPCA. “That could affect house training, result in separation anxiety, or cause behaviors associated with a lack of stimulation.”


Make this adjustment easier with a few tips. You and your children likely will not have as much time to spend with your dog during the day, so readjust your schedule to make sure your dog gets enough exercise. Getting up an hour early to take your dog on a long walk will tire them out and keep them from any unwanted behaviors during the day.


Trade family time for park or doggy day care time. Having an opportunity to socialize is important for your pet, and doing so with other dogs at a park or daycare facility will allow them to get the attention they’re used to from other four-legged friends.


Don’t forget about your furry friends as you get back into school mode. Make sure they’re getting enough attention, exercise, and play-time to make sure they don’t get bored and start acting out.