August 17 is the International Homeless Animals’ Day!

The International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) and concerned individuals have had strongly pushed forward this holiday for homeless animals and to raise awareness for people about the overpopulation of dogs and cats that have no decent homes and pet parents to take care of them.

We, at Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital, fully support this event and as the mission goes, we also do not tolerate those senseless killings of innocent dogs and cats just because they are homeless.

We salute the ISAR’s goals. We encourage all the animal lovers out there to join and celebrate this event. Spay or neuter is one of the solutions to avoid the pet overpopulation epidemic and to reduce the number of poor little puppies and kittens that are just ending up being homeless.

Mark your calendars now and be part of this special day for homeless animals across the globe. August 17, 2013, Saturday. Let us take care of our furry friends.