At Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital, there is nothing we place more importance on than the health of your pets. We want what’s best for your furry friends! If you know how it feels to have arthritis or just aches and pains and general, we know about all the treatments for people. There’s medicine, patches, or there’s natural remedies. One such remedy is acupuncture, and perhaps you or somebody you know has tried it. It has been proven to work for pain and various illnesses and problems.

When it comes to pain, our pets feel it too. We can’t really rub creams or give them pain pills, at least not most of the time. If your dog or cat is feeling chronic pain or has problems like asthma, Lyme disease, chronic renal failure, consider animal acupuncture.

The benefits of acupuncture have been known for years, as acupuncture is one of the oldest healing remedies known to man. The skin is penetrated with thin needles, and after even the first treatment, your pet will feel relaxed and calm. It takes regular treatment to consider pain relief, but it is totally worth it. Your pet will end up not only relaxed, but after a short time, they will be more peppy and full of life than they were before. Pain will be gone and any diseases can be minimized, if not treated with this holistic remedy. Give this option a chance if your pain is in distress. There are many holistic options out there that can help your pet maintain excellent health.

If your pet is ready for anything from bathing and grooming to his check-up, you can call our office at 410-465-6218.