Here at Dunloggin Veterinary Hospital, we are pleased to service the Columbia, MD community, and areas surrounding it. Today we are going to cover different forms that your dog’s medication can come in, and some tips on how to give them the different forms.

First of all, your dog’s medication can come in a few different forms. Here are the top three forms of medication that dog prescriptions come in:

  • Pills (either capsule or tablet)
  • Liquids
  • Injection

Next, we are going to cover some tips to giving your dog each of these forms of medication.

  • Hide the pill in food (such as cheese or lunch-meat or a little bit of peanut butter).
  • Crush the pill and sprinkle into the regular dog food (make sure you mix up the food really well!)
  • Open your dog’s mouth gently, put the pill in the back of the dog’s mouth and hold his mouth shut until he/she swallows. You know the dog swallowed the pill when they lick their nose. You can use this method for the liquid form as well, just squirt the medication into his mouth and continue the process.

And if you have to do any sort of injectable medicine to your dog (such as insulin shots) we recommend distracting your dog with a treat while doing the injection – or have another trusted person help you with this.

So there are some quick tips in how to give your dog their medication. If you have any questions about any medications that your dog is taking, please do not hesitate to call our office. If you feel that your dog will absolutely not take a specific form that is given to you, you should ask your vet if the medication is available in a different form.