We know it’s tempting to put a Halloween costume on pets, but unfortunately it is not a safe choice for pets. We suggest avoiding costumes entirely for cats. Instead,a halloween collar of bandana is a great choice! If you decide to put a costume on your dog, please consider these pet costume safety tips:

-Make sure your dog is leashed, tagged/chipped, and remains under an adult’s control if you take your dog out on Halloween night, or even in the house while trick-or-treaters visit.

-If your dog does not seem to like wearing a costume, do not force them to. Not all dogs like it.

-Simpler costumes are often more tolerable and more comfortable.

-Make sure no elements of the costume could be chewed off or get caught on objects

-Make sure it fits properly so it’s comfortable, stays in place, and doesn’t restrict their movement.

-Do not put a mask on your pet

-Avoid elastics in pet costumes, as they can be uncomfortable and impair circulation

-Consider adding secured reflective material in case your dog gets outside.

-Do not leave your costumed dog unsupervised

With these tips, you should have a happy and safe Halloween with your pet!