Your dog might not be able to say it with words, but there are lots of other little ways he’ll communicate how much he cares for you. Look out for these three signs of affection!

  1. He licks your face

This shows your pup wants to groom you, which is a sign of their love and devotion, almost like they consider you part of the family. Dog’s only do this when they feel a strong bond, and is a great sign of intimacy.

  1. She takes care of you when you’re sick

If you’re sick or injured and your dog seems to notice, that’s a good sign! Licking is also a behavior dogs have inherited from wolves, who often lick each other’s wounds in the wild to try to heal them. So if your dog licks you a lot while you’re sick, or generally licks any scratches or cuts you have, she’s probably trying to heal you.

  1. He shares his toys

When your dog runs to you and puts his toy in your lap, it could mean he wants to play, or he might be giving you a gift! Sharing his toys with you is his way of showing affection and acknowledging you as his “pack leader.”