It doesn’t take much to keep your dog healthy and happy during his life with your family. There are, however a few guidelines you should always remember so your dog and your family remain safe. Here are five dog care essentials:


ID your dog

Make sure your dog always has a collar with an identification tag, listing your name, address and telephone number. This tag will greatly increase the chances that your dog is returned safely to you. Make sure the collar stays on, and is not one your dog can easily slip out of. It should not be too tight – you should be able to slip two fingers under it.


Vaccinate and register your dog

Follow local laws to register your dog and get the proper vaccinations for diseases like rabies. Check with your local animal shelter or humane society for information


Keep your dog on a leash

When outside of your home, your dog should always remain on a leash (unless at an unleashed dog park). Dogs are animals, and can be unpredictable. Even if you have tags, updated vaccinations, and your dog is trained, you don’t want to risk an unexpected encounter. Keep you and your dog safe by leashing them.